Question  :  What are raffia shoes ?

Answer : Raffia shoes are hand-sewn shoes made of raffia, which is an all-natural fiber, obtained from the palm leaves of Madagascar. Raffia has many interesting characteristics such as its flexibility as well as its resistance. Used for many centuries for other applications, including bags, belts, or other accessories, raffia shoes have experienced a new boom in recent years, where some designers offer new models, original, trendy, and eco-friendly.

Question :   How to make raffia shoes  ?

Answer  : To make raffia shoes, artisans have several tools, starting with raffia spools, made from palm leaves from Madagascar. To make raffia shoes, you must then sew the raffia around a dedicated shape, following a specific sewing process. The sewing of raffia is Moroccan know-how that is passed on from generation to generation in isolated villages in Morocco. To make a pair of raffia shoes, it takes a whole day of sewing.

Question : Are raffia shoes comfortable ? 

Answer  : In addition to being a completely natural fiber, therefore good for the skin and without impact on the skin, raffia is an extremely flexible material. Raffia shoes are comfortable because the raffia allows the shoe to adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot. In addition to being comfortable, raffia shoes thanks to their stitching, are ideally ventilated. It's hard to find more comfortable than wearing raffia shoes barefoot, on 100% natural leather soles in summer.

Question:  Do raffia shoe stretch ? 

Answer  : Raffia shoes can stretch slightly to match the shape of the foot. It is a natural fiber so this is precisely one of its characteristics. However, raffia shoes will not stretch more than the shape of the foot, as the applied sewing techniques are very precise and made around dedicated shapes. The raffia shoes being sewn by hand, the artisans who work on the shoes constantly ensure that the tightening and adjustment techniques are the most ideal.

Question: How to wear raffia shoes ?

Answer  : Wearing raffia shoes is very simple. You can wear the raffia shoes with jeans, trousers, dress or skirts for ladies, shorts for gentlemen. Raffia shoes are always worn barefoot, to take advantage of the natural fiber, which adapts to your feet, and benefits from very good breathability. To wear raffia shoes you just need to see sunny weather, and take advantage of a bright day to go out and walk around wearing raffia shoes.

Question : How to soften raffia shoes

Answer :  The first few days, for some feet, raffia shoes can seem a bit stiff. This is normal because the raffia will relax and adapt to the shape of the foot. To soften raffia shoes, it is advisable to put a sock on your foot for the first few days, so that the raffia adapts a little more to the shape of the foot, without hindering the wearing. Once the shoes have been worn a few times with the sock, you can then remove the sock so that the raffia shoe is softened.

Question : How to protect raffia shoes ?

Answer : The best way to protect raffia shoes is to avoid the changeable weather.To protect raffia shoes, they must not come into contact with water, rain or bad weather. Raffia shoes are natural fibres, therefore more sensitive to nature. Raffia shoes are ideal for summer, under the sun.There is no other specific recommendation to protect raffia shoes except to take care of them when wearing them.

Question: Where to buy raffia shoes ?

Answer : Raffia shoes can be purchased on our website, where you will find a whole selection of original and trendy models, with raffia shoes handmade by our artisans in Morocco.You can also buy your raffia shoes in one of our partner stores in Europe, Asia, or Africa. For more details, we invite you to contact us so that we can give you the contact details of a physical store if you feel like trying our shoes on.

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