Handmade with passion

We would like to introduce a rarely worked material in the field of footwear: raffia. We have designed this product to encourage the choice of alternative, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. In this way, it is about promoting local Moroccan crafts and transmitting this know-how.  It is in this context that we are committed to training the weavers of tomorrow.

Creative Director

Marouane Haial is a designer who, after studying in Paris, took charge the styling and the production. As a sartorialist, he knows how to combine raffia and refinement.

Our Shoes

The Material

Raffia is a textile fiber, natural and solid, made from palm trees from Madagascar. They are found in marshy environments and along rivers. Seduced by its many qualities, we decided to use this material by imagining a unique, natural and comfortable shoe suitable for women and men.

The Production

The added value of our products lies in a hand-sewn artisanal production. This know-how brings traceability, quality and durability to our products. A day of hand weaving is necessary to produce a pair of raffia shoes. Through our brand, we wish to enhance the work of these craftsmen with incomparable expertise.

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