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Because we do believe in equity, discover the other side of our sustainable raffia shoe collection for women, that you can wear for any event with any outfit perfectly with a dress or a skirt. Our eco-friendly brand proposes ethical shoes handmade in Morocco with the objective of supplying designed sustainable footwear with durable raffia  & eco-friendly process for long-lasting luxury shoes. Raffia shoes are hand-sewn shoes made of raffia, which is an all-natural fibre, obtained from the palm trees leaves of Madagascar. Raffia has many interesting characteristics such as its flexibility as well as its resistance. In every Contre-Allée collection, each shoe name represents a district of Casablanca with its culture, its stories and its vibes that will take you on a journey to experience a new version of summer. In addition to being comfortable, the raffia shoes of our collection are also unique yet stylish. Our shoes are handmade, we do have all colours available for you. However, if by any chance you didn’t find the corresponding colour to your needs, please contact us by email or through the social media, we would be delighted to help you.

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